The mattress in named after it’s founder, Arno Peters, a 16 year EMT veteran. His product emerged from his frustration with existing immobilization products. He tells the following story:

“I vividly remember one particular case where we transported a lady to hospital. The journey took longer than normal and so she experienced increasing pain in her neck and back. Surely, this wasn’t right? We were there to help, not make the situation worse. When she was transferred from the spinal board she literally gave a sigh of relief. It got me thinking, why does a patient lie on a hard, uncomfortable board only to be transferred to a mattress in the Emergency Department.”

The ARPEMAT provides a great degree of comfort whilst still allowing EMS en ED personnel to effectively immobilize the patient. Long, uncomfortable journeys are now a thing of the past!!

ARPEMAT Productinformation

The ARPEMAT spine board Mattress is made of a 2cm foam mattress with a durable covering. The sizes are custom-made and designed to fit all spinal boards. It can be placed exactly between the openings of the board, so that the functions of the board remain the same. The top of the mattress has Velcro attachments, so that you can easily adjust head immobilizers. The 8 “eyes” on both sides of the head end are there to help immobilize the head of the patient with the inclusive head straps. Adjustment from the mattress to the board is achieved with straps that are easy to open and use. These straps are connected with each other to avoid the straps from splitting or ripping. Under the head part of the mattress there are 2 ribbons to ensure that the head stays in its place securely. Simultaneously, it has a 3D integrated padding for the back of the head. The durable covering is easily removable and therefore easy to clean. Because of the “half-moon” shaped knie cushions you can finally say “goodbye” to the rolled up sheets that have been used until now. These cushions are made from the same materials as the mattress. The Mattress is waterproof, X-ray permeable and doesn’t contain any metal! This mattress will fit any board and is, therefore, interchangeable.


he ARPEMAT spineboard mattrass is designed as an addition to already excisting spineboards. The execution of the design is shaped in the form of a spineboard and can only be used as an addition to excisting spineboards. The ARPEMAT spineboard increases comfort and reduces the beginning of decubitus for the immobilized trauma patient. On top of the spineboard mattrass are rectangular velcro straps where the “headblocks” can be placed on. The property and method of work with the spineboard does not change in any way, and can be used the same way as without use of the ARPEMAT mattress. In addition a “knee-padding” was designed to prevent overstretching of the knees. It is manufactured from the same material as the mattrass.

Attention: The ARPEMAT spineboard mattrass can not be used without a spineboard.
The certification of this mattrass will be applicable for all excisting spineboards.

Because there are several different shapes of spineboards, it will be possible for the client to order a customized ARPEMAT mattrass. Because of this the mattrass will fit perfectly on the excisting spineboard and will not alter it’s function. On the above pictures a @Ferno Millenium spineboard is used as an example.

We declare that above mentioned ARPEMAT products comply with the essential demands by the European guideline 93/42/EEG under NOTIS-number: 20181991 CIBG-France

ARPEMAT spineboard mattrass patent pending.


News about ARPEMAT

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Radboud University Medical Center recommends to Ambulance Services to use the ARPEMAT spineboard mattrass for pre-hospital immobilisation.

The “ARPEMAT spineboard mattrass” recieves a recommendation from Orthopedic Surgeon Drs. Micha Holla during his thesis, towards ambulance services for the pre-hospital immobilization.

On Monday December 18th 2017 Orthopedic Surgeon Drs. Micha Holla defended his thesis “New perspectives on external immobilization on the cervical spine by Drs. M. Holla” in the auditorium of the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

In chapter 6, “Comparison of vacuum mattresses and padded spineboards with headblocks” several methods of immobilization techniques with medical substantiation were compared and researched.

During the defence of his thesis, he was asked by attending professors of the promotion Commission what his recommendation would be towards ambulance services for pre-hospital immobilization. His answer was: “The ARPEMAT spineboard mattrass in combination with the Ferno spineboard”

Clearly this made us very proud.

The conclusion of this chapter was: “Although the user of pre-hospital immobilizers must weigh the importance of many different items and costs, our results suggest that the use of padded spineboards with headblocks is most advisable when immobilizing trauma patients in the pre-hospital setting”

Check HERE the thesis of Drs. Micha Holla, orthopedic surgeon UMC Radboud.

Scientific research into pressure decreasing mattrasses.

Pain and tissue-interface pressures during spineboard immobilization.
Cordell WH, Hollingsworth JC, Olinger ML,Stroman SJ, !elson DR. Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center, Methodist Hospital of Indiana, Indianapolis, USA.

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